WCA Perishables

WCA Perishables & WCA Perishables PGS Certified

The WCA Perishables Group of Networks is home to companies highly experienced in handling International Perishable Logistics. Each member will have an audit file showing the products they have experience handling along with the temperature ranges they can operate within. This applies to transport, storage, handling, and packing services.

The member quality is crucial to the network and the international food chain. We place a huge importance on safety and validity.

WCA Perishable Group members are actively encouraged and provided with a professional option of Risk Management insurance. This is to help show the quality they stand for and the protection their clients and partners enjoy when working together. Members who meet the requirements for Risk Management will proudly display the Risk Managed Logo on their profile.

With WCAworld Academy's assistance, we can train members to achieve The Perishable Global Standard

Members who become PGS Certified operate to the highest levels in the industry and are trusted by shippers, manufacturers, and importers who will look for this level of qualification in allowing trusted forwarders to carry their products and help protect the industry.

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For information on PGS Certification, please contact info@wcaworldacademy.com.