WCA Perishables

WCA Perishables PGS Certified

WCA Perishables PGS Certified members can proudly claim to be the leading experts when handling temperature-sensitive products. All modes are recognized, and chapters for all available industries are included.

Compliance is the primary objective to help ensure a completely transparent supply chain, audited and fully linked for WCA Perishable members. We operate under a global standard, including QMS, SLA & SOP. The WCA Academy powers it with subsidized classroom training for qualification and refresher courses.

The WCA Perishables PGS Certified members have dedicated personnel fully conversant in the special handling of these movements. As a result, they can provide professional and consistent service in transporting produce, vegetables, fish, flowers, chilled & frozen foodstuff, fruit, and all temperature-controlled products for international shipments.

Members of WCA Perishables are already part of the world's most extensive grouping of independent logistics professionals - the WCAworld, which has 9778 member companies in 192 countries

The WCA requires the highest standards in all aspects of business and sets strict criteria regarding financial security, professionalism, and quality which must be satisfied before new companies are admitted. In addition, all partners must adhere to a Code of Business Practices that encourages high operational standards and conduct.