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Dynamic Shipping is handling a very selective business in Fresh Fruit Exports and mostly working with corporate customers like Fauji, HAC Agri, Roomi Foods, etc. We have a trained handling staff at Karachi, Lahore, and Multan Stations for Fresh Fruit Exports.

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Although Pakistan is producing and exporting almost all major fruits like Bananas, Guavas, Litchis (Leechis), Peaches, Grapes, and Strawberries, there are two special fruits which have created a distinction for Pakistan in the world’s fresh fruit market, i.e., Mangos and Oranges.
Pakistan is producing the world’s best Mangos in terms of taste and sweetness. The world’s sweetest Mango is “Chaunsa”, which contributes more than 40% of our fresh fruit exports, and this type of Mango is produced in Pakistan only. We normally ship it by air only due to very short shelf life. In recent years, Mango exporters are now requiring exporting after passing Mangos from the necessary “Hot Water Treatment process” in order to remove fungus, dust, and fly eggs from the fruit. There are many hot water treatment plants near the production areas, and exporters pack their fruits for exports after passing through this Hot Water Treatment process.
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There is an area in North Pakistan near Sargodha District named “Bhalwal”, which is famous for the production of Sweet Oranges. These Oranges are unique in taste and most of the Far Eastern countries are importing Oranges from Pakistan. These high-quality Orange fields give only 1 crop in a year (around Dec-Jan), and all the Grade-A fruit is exported to different countries. Oranges are shipped through Reefer Containers, and most of the major carriers serving Far East like APL, ONE line, Cosco, Maersk, Wan Hai, and PIL are major players handling this commodity.
For more information, please contact Amir Khan <amir.khan@dynamicshipping.com>