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Despite all the difficulties the world is experiencing in getting air space, Hevile shipped over 400 tons of fresh ginger to Europe and the USA in the last four weeks.

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We are experiencing a time of high production and worldwide demand for Brazilian ginger, and some operations had to be part-chartered to accommodate volumes greater than 50 tons in a single batch. As it is a fresh product, the project becomes even more complex, but thanks to the expertise and dedication of our perishables team, we are managing to meet the demands of our customers.

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Shipments consist of collection at the exporting client's plant, air shipment with several airlines, like Cargolux, Qatar Airways, Atlas Air, Lufthansa, Latam, etc., and delivery to the address of European and North American importers.

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Fellow partners interested in cooperating, or who require assistance for similar demands from Brazil, are welcome to contact Vinícius Wanderley Campos at vinicius.wanderley@hevile.com.br.