WCA Perishables

WCA Perishables Academy

Historically, only highly experienced perishable forwarders, who could demonstrate their abilities were allowed to apply for WCA Perishables membership. Now, with the full backing of the WCAworld Academy, we can help forwarders looking to become established in this niche. From beginners to companies wishing to take the next step, the WCA Perishables Academy Network is the ideal option.

Our focus is to help companies develop their training and education in International Perishable Logistics, this can work in developing trade lanes in association with the WCA Perishable PGS Certified Network. As members gain experience they can enable their business to become a key player and support the WCA Perishables Network Group as it increases its global coverage. We will train companies with a combination of online and classroom training. Ultimately, helping achieve the level required to move into the PGS Certified network and be seen as a major contributor in Perishable Logistics for their region.

For an industry that is currently not regulated. We appreciate the importance of handling perishable products correctly, to help ensure the safety of consumers all around the world. The global food chain is crucial to health. If products are mishandled or shipped by inexperienced forwarders, the results can be catastrophic. With the help of the WCAworld Academy, we will ensure forwarders are given the training and support to enter into the global Perishable Logistics market place. Training will cover all modes of transport, storage and handling and prepare you for PGS Certification training. This will ensure WCA Perishable Academy members graduate with full qualifications and ready to be seen as the best in the world.

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